When to Start Going to Breast Cancer Support Groups

Battling breast cancer goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. It is a lifelong journey of healing. No matter where you are in your journey with breast cancer, it is best to have a solid community surrounding you for encouragement. Joining a breast cancer support group is an excellent way to grow that community.


When Should You Join a Breast Cancer Support Group?

There is no right or wrong time to join a support group. Whether you are newly diagnosed, in the middle of your treatment, or were declared cancer-free years ago, you are always welcome to join a support group. The beauty of breast cancer Oklahoma support groups is that women from all ages and walks of life can come together to learn from one another’s experiences. The battle does not end after treatment stops, so there is a need for community for every breast cancer survivor.


Why Have a Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma?

You may feel as though there is no need to join a support group. This may be because you have a strong group of family and friends that support you during your journey, or you feel as though you must fight breast cancer on your own. Whatever your reasoning, it is important to know that a support group can be a helpful part of your breast cancer community.


Meet Others Who Understand

A support group that is specifically for breast cancer survivors allows you to meet others who understand exactly what you are going through. Loved ones can offer a great deal of support, but there is still a lack of understanding if they have never been diagnosed with breast cancer Oklahoma. The members of a support group are walking or have walked in your shoes, so they can understand the experience in ways no one else can.


Learn More

No matter where you are in your breast cancer journey, there is always room to learn. Support groups give you the opportunity to learn more about living life every step of the way. Meetings may consist of group discussions or a guest speaker joining to discuss particular topics, such as:

  • Relationship and marriage shifts
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Coping with a diagnosis
  • Managing physical changes from breast cancer
  • Emotional and spiritual support


Teach Others

Not only can you learn more within a support group, but you also have the opportunity to teach other survivors. By sharing with others, fellow survivors can apply your insights to their personal journeys. Teaching can look different depending on the size of your group and your comfort level as well. Some women choose to share with their entire group, while others have a one-on-one mentorship with another breast cancer survivor.


Make New Friendships

Friendships are often formed where one least expects it, and this is especially true for many who join breast cancer support groups. The friendships created within a support group go beyond the commonality of breast cancer; many women find lifelong friends to do life with. Group meetings provide a window of opportunity to make friendships that extend beyond group meetings, such as making weekly coffee runs, having playdates with the kids, or hosting holiday parties together.


Looking to Build Your Community?

Cancer support groups benefit a woman’s journey through breast cancer in many ways. You may feel anxious about joining a support group, which is okay. Many women feel this way at the beginning. However, there is always room for you to join our support groups at Project31, whether you were diagnosed with breast cancer last week or twenty years ago.


What is Project31?

Project31 is an organization founded by breast cancer survivors that seeks to support and build the breast cancer community Oklahoma. We host regular support groups, both in-person and online, to help women learn to navigate life with breast cancer. Please view our calendar to find and join a support group, and please reach out with any questions.