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We Are Here To Help Heal The Scars Left On Your Heart

Breast cancer leaves its mark on more than our bodies. So often, women experience emotional and spiritual wounds that will never show up in any scan or biopsy – but the scars remain. Project31 is here to help you heal those wounds. We are a breast cancer community built by survivors and here for survivors at every step of their journey. Our group stands together to work through the fallout while keeping our families, spouses, and relationships strong. As a community, we find and share the tools we each need to live lives that are defined by so much more than breast cancer.

From your first visits to a breast cancer center OKC to the first moment you celebrate being cancer free, and every day after, Project31 is here to provide community, mentorship, and sisterhood. We would love to connect with you during any of our monthly support groups throughout Oklahoma (hint: we have fun!). There are also online groups twice a month. We are happy to tell you more about our services for women and their families.


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Our organization offers financial scholarships to help survivors and families attend professional counseling.

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Meet Sarah McLean,
Two-Time Cancer Survivor

Throughout her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from breast cancer, Sarah McLean experienced the emotional and spiritual damage that cancer causes – and realized that more women had to be struggling with these scars that are unseen, yet felt so deeply. Because of this experience that so many women share, she founded Project31’s breast cancer community, where we now provide strong emotional and spiritual support to women during and after breast cancer.

Connect With Our Community

From meeting with friends and family members to forming relationships with other women who you got to know during a visit to a breast cancer center OKC, the deep and meaningful connections that you build with others can have a powerful effect on you throughout your experience with breast cancer. Project31 would love to be part of your community!

Please visit our calendar to see where and how we can connect with you soon. We host support groups, events, uplifting activities, and speaking engagements all across Oklahoma throughout the year. To meet the needs of every woman at every step of her breast cancer journey, we also have monthly online meet-ups. If you have any questions about our upcoming events or the Project31 community as a whole, please feel free to get in touch. We are excited to meet you!