Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer Support Groups

A breast cancer diagnosis is life-changing for both women and their families. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is common to feel alone and isolated. However, building a solid breast cancer community Oklahoma can positively impact your life during and after treatment.

It is normal to be nervous about joining a community of other breast cancer survivors. This hesitation may come from some common misconceptions about support groups. Learning the truth behind these common misunderstandings will show that the benefits far outweigh any concerns that may arise.


What Are The Most Common Misconceptions About Support Groups?


Support Groups Are Always Sad

Breast cancer support groups allow survivors to walk through their journey with one another. These groups give women the opportunity to get involved in a community and develop lasting friendships. Sometimes heavy and sad topics are discussed, but Project 31 support groups are also spaces for celebration, fun, learning, and much more.


I Will Be Forced To Share

Support groups are a great way to share experiences and testimonies with others, but that does not mean you must share your deepest, darkest secrets. These groups offer open ears and hearts for every woman who attends, but it is also okay to listen and learn from those around you. You are never required to share anything if you are not comfortable.


I Will Be Judged

Respect and empathy are essential for any support group to create a safe atmosphere for attendees to share, learn, and grow. Most women that attend breast cancer support groups Oklahoma City have walked a similar treatment path to your own, so there is no judgment. Project 31’s support groups maintain an open, comfortable, and respectful atmosphere for women from all walks of life that have experienced breast cancer.


Support Groups Aren’t Helpful

As with many other things, it can take time to see the benefits of support groups in your walk with breast cancer. However, after several sessions, many women begin to open up, create friendships, and feel more encouraged. Support groups are flexible, and you are always welcome to venture into other groups if your current group is not the right fit.


Support Groups Are The Same As Professional Counseling

The goal of breast cancer support groups is for survivors to encourage one another during and after cancer treatment. Support groups are not the same as professional counseling sessions. Support groups are often less structured than professional counseling sessions, and a mental health professional may not even be involved. However, professional counseling is beneficial and recommended for breast cancer survivors and their families.


Discover A Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma

A woman’s spiritual and emotional well-being can benefit greatly from a breast cancer support group. Cancer support groups Oklahoma City are a great way to get involved with other women who have walked the same path as you. At Project 31, we host several weekly support groups that offer a safe space to share experiences, learn, and have fun. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to find a support group near you.