What Are Breast Cancer Community Resources?

When women are first diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be challenging to know where to turn for support. However, there are a multitude of resources available to support women and their families throughout their battle with breast cancer. From emotional to financial support and everything in between, the Oklahoma breast cancer community is there to help.


Where Can I Find Resources in the Breast Cancer Community?

There are a plethora of resources available to women with breast cancer. From local groups to national non-profits, these organizations aim to provide women with the education, tools, and support needed as they fight breast cancer. As such, if you or a loved one are battling breast cancer, some helpful resources can be found within specific organizations such as:

  • University of Oklahoma Breast Health Network – The OU Breast Health Network consists of multiple locations providing breast imaging services to women across the state. Treatment plans are personalized to each woman, as breast cancer affects every patient differently.
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. – The NBCF provides many helpful resources to women in search of support. Even though they are not local to Oklahoma, they offer in-depth information about breast cancer, free educational guides, and more.
  • Project31 – At Project31, we provide women with the emotional support they need to triumph over breast cancer and the toll it takes. We host local cancer support groups Oklahoma City, fun events, educational engagements, and other resources to foster a local community of breast cancer survivors.


Other Places You Can Find Breast Cancer Resources:

The breast cancer community is filled with resources to help women find support, no matter what their situation looks like. Women can find resources in multiple ways. Consider asking a fellow breast cancer survivor or loved one if they know of any helpful resources. Likewise, many local hospitals and cancer centers have teams to support breast cancer survivors and their families.


5 Types of Breast Cancer Resources to Check Out

Helpful resources can take many different forms. If you are searching for breast cancer support, here are five types of resources to look into.



There are dozens of podcasts out there that educate women on various topics surrounding breast cancer. In fact, Project31 founder and breast cancer survivor Sarah McLean hosts Pink Ribbon Rollercoaster, a podcast that discusses the journey that comes with breast cancer.


Support Groups

One of the best resources for gaining breast cancer support and knowledge is in cancer support groups Oklahoma City. These groups are filled with fellow survivors walking similar journeys that learn from one another.


Books and Memoirs

Many breast cancer survivors have written books and memoirs about their journey with breast cancer to uplift and educate other women. Likewise, there are various books from medical professionals, counselors, financial professionals, and more on managing life with breast cancer.


Speaking Engagements

Many organizations host regular speaking engagements for women and their families to learn more about living life with breast cancer. The speakers at these events can range from oncologists and psychologists to breast cancer survivors and spiritual mentors.


Find Resources and Support with Project31

Women with breast cancer need to have access to helpful resources during and after their treatment. Project31 provides women with support and resources to help heal the scars breast cancer leaves behind. Breast cancer survivors founded our organization, so our community consists of women who understand the toll that breast cancer takes. We understand your journey, and we are here to help you find support.

A great way to get involved in our community is to join a support group. Our groups are filled with women willing to share their stories and resources to inspire and uplift others. Groups discuss various topics and may include guest speakers from the Oklahoma Breast Health Network and beyond. Please reach out to learn more about Project31 or view our calendar for all upcoming support group meetings and events.