Meet Our Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma

The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can be an isolating experience. It is crucial for women with a breast cancer diagnosis to find a community with other survivors. In a breast cancer community, women and their loved ones can find support from other survivors, benefitting their health and wellbeing.


The Importance of Community

In its various forms, community has a tremendously positive impact on a woman’s quality of life throughout her breast cancer journey. Whether it be in a breast cancer support group, book club, or church group, walking alongside women whose lives have been ravaged by breast cancer benefits their spiritual, mental, and physical health.


Physical Health

Involvement in a community of other breast cancer survivors can have positive effects on a woman’s physical health. Many support groups and mentorships provide educational avenues to learn how to manage the physical effects of breast cancer treatment. Likewise, some cancer support groups OKC offer options for exercise groups, helping women set obtainable goals and routinely exercise at the appropriate intensity during and after their treatment.


Spiritual Health

Spirituality is a critical component of a woman’s recovery from breast cancer. A blossoming spiritual wellbeing can offer hope, comfort, and purpose during the most challenging days of treatment and thereafter. Fellow breast cancer survivors can provide spiritual mentorship and prayer during treatment, increasing feelings of hope, strength, and peace and benefitting a woman’s overall outlook on life.


Mental Health

The heaviness of a breast cancer diagnosis can negatively affect a woman’s mental health. Anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and self-esteem issues are common in women battling breast cancer, so finding community is all the more important. Many organizations offer cancer support groups OKC that allow women to share experiences, learn from one another, and create friendships. Being involved in a community, whether a support group or professional group counseling, can have therapeutic effects and improve a woman’s mental health during and after treatment.


Discover Project 31’s Breast Cancer Community

Breast cancer affects more than a woman’s physical body; it leaves behind emotional and spiritual scars that won’t appear in a scan or biopsy. The importance of community during and after breast cancer treatment cannot be understated. Breast cancer communities allow women to have fellowship and support during their journey with breast cancer. Alongside support groups, a breast cancer community offers educational seminars, fun activities, counseling assistance, and more.

Many women aren’t sure where to begin when trying to find a breast cancer support group. As an Oklahoma-based community of breast cancer survivors, Project 31 is dedicated to serving women and their families at every step in their journey. We offer monthly in-person and online support groups to foster a community of mentorship and sisterhood. We also host several events throughout the year to grow our community and restore the lives of those impacted by breast cancer.

To find your breast cancer community or learn more about our support groups, contact us today. If you would like to support our community financially, please click here to donate.