Living with Breast Cancer Oklahoma: When It Is Time to Talk to a Counselor

There is a close connection between mental health and breast cancer Oklahoma. Women with breast cancer may experience a multitude of emotions throughout their treatment and even after they are declared cancer-free. These emotions can be hard to comprehend and manage, especially if they significantly impact your daily life. As such, talking with a mental health professional may be the best route.

There is no right or wrong way to feel when you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. A mental health professional, such as a licensed counselor, can help you make sense of your circumstances and provide breast cancer emotional support.


When Should I Meet with a Counselor if I Have Breast Cancer Oklahoma?

Every woman is different. Some women begin meeting with a counselor soon after being diagnosed. Some decide to visit a counselor after treatment has ended. Some women may not need professional help until several years later.

There is no set-in-stone timeline for when to visit with a counselor. You may need to meet with a counselor earlier or later than others. It is important to remember that this is completely okay, and there is no judgment for seeking additional support throughout your journey with breast cancer.


Consider Visiting a Mental Health Professional if:

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, it may be time to talk with a counselor.


You are Struggling with Your Diagnosis

A breast cancer diagnosis brings about many significant life changes, from your physical body to your daily routines and habits. A mental health professional connected to the Oklahoma breast health network can help if you are struggling to accept and make sense of your diagnosis and the changes it brings.


You Feel Overwhelmed

Breast cancer can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You may be stressed about where to receive treatments, how much they cost, how your diagnosis will impact your family, and more. These worries can quickly build up and impact your daily life and basic routines such as eating and sleeping. A counselor can provide adequate support and skills to help you understand and manage these concerns and emotions.


You are Grieving the Physical Changes

Breast cancer Oklahoma brings about a great deal of physical changes as well, such as losing your hair or breasts if you have undergone a mastectomy. It is completely normal to mourn these changes. A counselor or other mental health expert can help you work through your grief.


You are Fearful of Recurrence or Death

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may experience an increased fear of death. Likewise, if you have been declared cancer-free, you may also have worries about the cancer coming back. A counselor can help you address and navigate these fears in a healthy way.


You Need Additional Support

Even if you are not overwhelmed or struggling emotionally, it is always recommended to visit a counselor for additional breast cancer emotional support as you walk through your treatment. A counselor can provide tools to help you maintain positive emotional and mental health.


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Find Support from the Oklahoma Breast Health Network and Beyond

Breast cancer takes a toll on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health, so it is crucial to seek out help and support from various sources, including:

  • Your doctors and other members of your care team
  • Online resources
  • Loved ones and fellow survivors
  • Local organizations, such as Project31.

At Project31, we are devoted to providing a close-knit community for breast cancer survivors and their families. We understand the importance of receiving breast cancer emotional support as you walk through breast cancer. As such, we offer various services to support women with breast cancer, including support groups and scholarships for women in need of professional counseling. We also host several educational and fun activities during the year to bring our community together. Please get in touch with us to learn about how to join the Project31 community.