Providing Breast Cancer Emotional Support for Loved Ones

Breast cancer is a life-changing diagnosis for women and their families. The physical, spiritual, and emotional toll that breast cancer has on a woman’s life is profound, so providing breast cancer emotional support is vital to their health and well-being.

Every woman is unique, and so is their journey with breast cancer. Therefore, the type and level of emotional support you provide depends upon your loved one. Whether by providing a home-cooked meal or recommending cancer support groups OKC, there are ways to give helpful and comforting support throughout their diagnosis, treatment, and thereafter.

Tips for Providing Support Through Breast Cancer Treatment


Listen to and Respect Their Emotions

Women may feel a multitude of emotions upon their breast cancer diagnosis. Common emotional responses include anger, resentment, grief, anxiety, sadness, or numbness. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel after receiving a diagnosis. Instead of offering quick solutions or excessive cheerleading, give your loved one time to process the diagnosis and their feelings and listen respectfully to their concerns without judgment.


Check in on Their Family

A breast cancer diagnosis has an impact on the families of those in treatment, including spouses. The effects of breast cancer and marriage can be intense, so check in with spouses to provide support while their spouse is in treatment. Likewise, offering to help with household chores or taking the kids to fun activities so they can rest are beneficial ways to assist the family.


Recommend Local Support Groups

Recommending local cancer support groups OKC is a great way to surround your loved one with others who understand and share similar experiences. Support groups offer women stories of celebration, a positive atmosphere, and a loving community during and after breast cancer treatment. However, it can feel daunting to attend a support group alone for the first time. Discuss with your loved one if they are ready to participate in a group and offer to go with them.


Offer Practical Ways to Help

Offering practical support is a great way to ease some burdens during your loved one’s treatment. Breast cancer treatment is intense, so offer to cook their favorite meal, take their dogs on a walk, or drive them to their doctor’s appointments so they can rest and heal. Likewise, just sitting with them, having everyday conversations, or watching a movie is a simple way to provide breast cancer emotional support to your loved one.


Discover Breast Cancer Support Groups in Oklahoma City

Project 31 is a community built by breast cancer survivors that aim to offer support, mentoring, and community to women whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Our community shares personal stories and resources on several relevant topics, such as breast cancer and marriage, for women to learn and grow throughout their journey. We offer weekly support groups, events, and activities year-round throughout Oklahoma.

Contact us today for more information about Project 31’s services and support groups. We can’t wait to meet you.