7 Ways to Provide Breast Cancer Emotional Support

Breast cancer leaves a profound impact on women and their families. A diagnosis may leave your loved one with a variety of emotions, from sadness and fear to anger. Regardless of what they may be feeling, it is important to understand that these feelings are okay. Your breast cancer emotional support will give your loved one the love and understanding needed to heal from the wounds left behind by breast cancer.


Why Give Breast Cancer Emotional Support?

Emotional support from others is a critical component of a woman’s healing journey through breast cancer. A study showed that some women with support from their community had decreased fear and anxiety about their diagnosis and treatments. By being a part of a breast cancer survivor’s community, you give support and encouragement that is vital to their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


7 Ways You Can Give Emotional Support to Your Loved Ones with Breast Cancer

Emotional support can look different depending on each woman. If you are unsure how to support your loved ones emotionally, here are some ideas to consider.


Give A Care Package

Receiving a breast cancer care package can let your loved one know you are by their side and make them feel loved and seen. Incorporate their favorite snacks, a new book, or some comfy pajamas. Likewise, add some “essentials” they will need during treatment, like chapstick and a reusable water bottle.


Let Them Vent

There are so many emotions that your loved one may feel throughout their journey with breast cancer. Let them vent without judgment if they decide to open up to you. Actively listen and do not offer up solutions to their emotions. Talking about their experiences with you can be comforting and will let them know you care.


Be Present

Breast cancer patients often feel lonely during their treatments. Plan to visit your loved one often to give them much-needed company. If you cannot make it in person, consider a thoughtful call or video chat so they can still hear your voice. Make sure that you are not interrupting, as they may be meeting with cancer support groups Oklahoma City, at an appointment, or not feeling well.


Be Yourself

Breast cancer brings about so many life changes, often in a short time frame. When visiting with your loved one during treatment, be yourself. Keep your interactions as normal as possible, as the familiarity may bring them some comfort during the uncertainty that breast cancer brings.


Encourage Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool for those experiencing significant life changes, including being diagnosed with breast cancer. As such, encourage your loved one to begin journaling throughout their treatment and thereafter. Writing can help them process and cope with their experiences and emotions. If you are giving a breast cancer care package, consider including a journal and some pens.


Help Out with Daily Tasks

Breast cancer interrupts the lives of women and their families, often making it hard for them to complete routine tasks. Offer to cook a few meals, clean the house, or do the grocery shopping. This will take some stress off their plate and allow them to focus on healing.


Recommend Cancer Support Groups Oklahoma City

If your loved one is not already involved in a support group, recommend some local groups for them to try. Women with breast cancer often feel misunderstood, even with a strong community behind them. Having connections with other breast cancer survivors will help your loved one feel heard and seen by those who understand what they are going through.


Breast Cancer Emotional Support with Project31

There are so many ways to provide emotional support to your loved ones with breast cancer. Being a part of their community offers love and support when they need it the most. At Project31, we understand how important it is to have a community when you are battling breast cancer. Our support groups are safe spaces for women to meet and share their experiences. If you or a loved one are interested in joining a support group, please visit our calendar or reach out.