6 Breast Cancer Care Package Ideas

Women with breast cancer need immense support from their communities throughout their treatment and afterward. If you are unsure how to show your support, consider giving your loved one a breast cancer care package.

A care package is a wonderful and thoughtful way to show you are there for your loved one with breast cancer. Breast cancer comes with many emotional and physical changes, and the items in a care package can help her cope. As such, there are so many things you can include in your care package to customize it for each woman.


6 Ideas For a Thoughtful Breast Cancer Care Package

Every woman is different, so what you include in her care package can differ depending on her preferences. Here are five ideas to help you create the best care package for your loved one.


If She Needs Extra Comfort:

Breast cancer leaves many women feeling an array of emotions, including isolation. If she needs some extra comfort and breast cancer emotional support, consider adding some items that will bring her a sense of comfort. A warm blanket, soft pajamas, and fuzzy slippers are great options. Likewise, adding personal touches like a picture of her family and a heartwarming note will show her that she isn’t alone.


If She Has A Favorite Hobby:

If your loved one has a favorite hobby, include some related items in her care package. For example, if she loves knitting, include yarn and a needle to knit while resting at home or in the hospital. Engaging in her favorite hobbies can keep her mind off the treatment and bring a sense of normalcy during a difficult time.


If She Needs Some Treats:

Tasty treats are always a great way to lift the spirit. Gift your loved one a delicious care package with her favorite snacks. Homemade trail mix, dark chocolate, vegetables, and fruits are common choices for a breast cancer care package. However, she may be unable to eat certain foods while undergoing treatment, so be sure to ask what snacks she can eat beforehand.


If She Needs Some Self-Care:

Breast cancer Oklahoma takes a toll on the body and mind. If she is in need of some self-care time, add in some products that allow her to relax. Candles, bath bombs, face masks, hot tea, body wash, and lotions are excellent additions to a care package. Likewise, consider adding a coloring book or journal to help her relieve some stress.


If She Loves Going to the Movies:

Breast cancer treatment can make it hard for your loved one to do her favorite activities like going to the movies. As such, bring the movie theater to her with your care package. Include several movies or streaming service subscriptions for her to enjoy while undergoing treatment. Add to the experience by including her favorite candy and popcorn if her diet allows.


If She Needs The Basics:

There may be more specific items that your loved one needs during her battle with breast cancer. For example, treatment may cause the skin to dry and crack, so including lotion and chapstick is an excellent idea. Tissues, tote bags, hand sanitizer, headphones, and a reusable water bottle with a straw are other fundamental items that can help her throughout her treatment.


Giving Breast Cancer Oklahoma Support

A care package is a sincere way to give your loved one breast cancer emotional support. Whether you are a friend, family member, or fellow breast cancer survivor, your support is integral in a woman’s battle against breast cancer. If your loved one is looking for a community of other women impacted by breast cancer, look no further than Project31. We host several events throughout the year and monthly support groups to grow and foster our community of sisterhood.

For more information about our upcoming group meetings or events, please visit our calendar or reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear from you.