Who Can Be a Part of Your Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma?

You should never have to battle breast cancer Oklahoma alone. It is vital to surround yourself with a strong and unified community to help bear the burdens of breast cancer. However, every woman has a different story, and your breast cancer community may look different than someone else’s.


Who Makes Up a Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma?

It can be challenging to deal with the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll of breast cancer alone. Even if your inner circle might look different than others, more individuals in your life can be a part of your support system than you think.


Loved Ones

Your loved ones are a huge part of your breast cancer support system. Your spouse, parents, children, extended family members, and close friends can provide love, emotional support, and practical help with daily tasks while you are in treatment. Your loved ones know you better than most; their support can make all the difference.


Health Professionals

Throughout your journey with breast cancer Oklahoma, you will meet with countless doctors and other health professionals. Although they are professionally working alongside you, your healthcare team is another unexpected avenue of support, as your health and well-being are their top priority.



Most women may not consider their coworkers as a part of their support system. However, your bosses and colleagues can offer words of encouragement, a friendly smile, and tons of laughter during even the most difficult days.


Spiritual Mentors

Your spiritual health is an integral part of remaining healthy while battling breast cancer. Spiritual and religious mentors are another excellent part of your support system during your breast cancer treatment. These individuals can pray for, encourage, and walk alongside you throughout your journey.


Fellow Survivors

Whether you already know breast cancer survivors or met them while attending cancer support groups OKC, it is helpful to have fellow survivors in your support system. These women have been or are currently in your shoes and understand what you’re going through better than anyone else.


How To Find Community While Battling Breast Cancer

No matter what your circumstances are, you should never have to face breast cancer alone. There are several ways to grow your breast cancer community:

  • Talk with your healthcare team about how to find a breast cancer community near you.
  • Lean on loved ones, coworkers, and mentors for support.
  • Join cancer support groups OKC.
  • Attend professional counseling.
  • Get involved with helpful organizations, such as Project 31.


Become A Part Of Our Community at Project31

Breast cancer is a tough battle that should not be fought alone. If you are seeking to add to your breast cancer community Oklahoma, join us at Project31. Our organization was founded by survivors with the aim of helping heal the scars left behind by breast cancer. Alongside support groups, we host events and learning opportunities throughout the year to further grow our community. Please get in touch with us for more information about our services.

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