Benefits of Having a Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma

Being diagnosed with and receiving treatment for breast cancer can feel lonely and isolating. Having a solid breast cancer community Oklahoma is all the more important. Surrounding yourself with a community during and after treatment positively affects your physical, mental, and spiritual health. As such, your community is a vital part of your journey through breast cancer, no matter what form it takes.


Who Is a Part of Your Community?

It can be easy to isolate and try to manage life on your own as you battle with breast cancer. However, breast cancer takes an emotional and physical toll that makes it hard to handle alone. Many women are supported by their spouses, children, close friends, and family members. However, everyone’s story is different, so a community may also involve:

  • Spiritual mentors
  • Coworkers
  • Health professionals from the Oklahoma breast health network
  • Others from the breast cancer community


The Benefits of Surrounding Yourself With a Strong Breast Cancer Community

Surrounding yourself with a strong community can provide many benefits as you undergo breast cancer treatment and live life afterward.


Learn From Others

Having a diverse breast cancer community allows you to learn from others. Developing a professional relationship with your doctors and therapists can help increase your knowledge of ways to manage the physical and emotional strain of breast cancer. Likewise, many support groups host events that allow women to meet together and learn more about supporting a healthy lifestyle during and after breast cancer treatment.


Gain Breast Cancer Emotional Support

Breast cancer can have an intense toll on your emotional and mental health. Whether from your spouse, a spiritual mentor, or other trusted individuals, having a community to help you through your journey can make a huge difference. Surrounding yourself with a strong community offers breast cancer emotional support, brings hope and comfort, and lessens the anxiety and stress of even the most difficult days. Likewise, breast cancer support groups can offer much-needed support from fellow survivors who understand what you are going through.


Help With Daily Tasks

Breast cancer takes a toll on your physical health. Nausea and pain from treatment may make it difficult to complete tasks that were once a breeze. Your breast cancer community can help you keep up with daily tasks, such as:

  • Doing chores around the house
  • Picking up kids from school
  • Cooking meals
  • Maintaining an exercise routine
  • Driving to doctor’s appointments
  • Running errands


Become a Part of Our Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma

The importance of having a breast cancer community cannot be overstated. We would love for you to become a part of our breast cancer community at Project31. We are committed to building a strong Oklahoma breast health network to provide women and their families the support they need to live lives defined by so much more than breast cancer. We offer monthly in-person and online support groups to give women a caring community. Please reach out for more information about our services for the breast cancer community.

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