Are Cancer Support Groups OKC the Same as Counseling?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is crucial to find community and support throughout treatment and thereafter. Joining a breast cancer support group allows women to support and comfort one another no matter where they are in their walk with breast cancer.

Joining a support group for the first time can be daunting, and you may have many questions. A common question many women ask is if support groups and professional counseling are the same.


The Difference Between Counseling and Support Groups

While both are similar in some aspects and may even overlap, cancer support groups OKC and professional counseling refer to two distinct types of therapy. Both are beneficial for the mental, physical, and spiritual health of breast cancer survivors.


Professional Counseling

The goal of professional counseling is to bring about change. Professional counseling is helpful in understanding and changing negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to struggles in other areas of life. Professional counseling can take place in an individual or group setting. A licensed counselor or psychologist acts as the facilitator, guiding the individual or group through a structured program, discussions, or exercises.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer Oklahoma seek professional counseling to understand and resolve issues that stem from their diagnosis, such as intimacy issues with a spouse or treating anxiety and depression.


Cancer Support Groups OKC

The priority of support groups is to help individuals learn to cope with a specific issue. Support groups are less structured than professional counseling sessions and may be led by peers or professionals. Support groups allow women to come together and learn how to heal from the scars left behind by breast cancer. Through sharing their experiences, women gain support and comfort from those who have walked the same road. Many breast cancer support groups, such as those hosted by Project31, also include activities and events to foster a fun atmosphere of community and sisterhood.


Getting the Most from Your Cancer Support

Whether you decide to join a breast cancer support group or attend professional counseling, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your experience.


Attend Regularly

By attending a group regularly, you will build relationships and get more comfortable with your counselor and the other women in your group.


Participate In Discussion

Sharing your experiences and participating in discussions will give you helpful insight into your personal struggles and successes.


Recognize The Wrong Fit

If you decide a support group or professional counseling setting is not the right fit, vocalize your concerns with a trusted friend and consider switching to a new group.


Find Your Breast Cancer Community With Project31

If you are ready to find your breast cancer community, look no further than Project31. We host monthly online and in-person support groups to help bring support and healing to women impacted by breast cancer Oklahoma. For more information about our support groups or upcoming events, please reach out to us today.