Are Online Support Groups as Beneficial as In-person Cancer Support Groups Oklahoma City?

It is crucial for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to get involved in a strong community during and after treatment. Breast cancer support groups Oklahoma City provide women and their families with the support they need throughout their journey with breast cancer. Many organizations offer a variety of in-person and online support groups to work with busy schedules. However, are online support groups as effective as in-person meetings?


Online vs. In-Person Support Groups: Which Is More Beneficial?

Meeting with fellow survivors in your breast cancer community Oklahoma is beneficial, no matter how or where it takes place. Both options have benefits and challenges, but the choice is ultimately up to you.


Online Support Groups

Virtual support groups have been on the rise, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Breast cancer support groups that meet online allow women to join from anywhere. Whether relaxing at home or during an extended hospital stay, women can enjoy community support no matter where they are. Online meetings also have greater flexibility and can easily be rescheduled if needed.

The challenge of an online breast cancer support group is the lack of genuine connection. Although video chat meetings still allow you to see attendees’ faces, making genuine friendships and getting to know one another is more challenging. Community and relationships are essential to healing and cannot be fully experienced through virtual meetings.


In-Person Support Groups

In-person groups still remain the recommended choice for cancer support groups Oklahoma City. In-person groups tend to be more consistent in their scheduling and attendance. Likewise, in-person groups allow women to come together face-to-face and support one another through breast cancer. Regularly attending an in-person support group allows women to build close relationships that can last a lifetime. Plus, many groups hold fun activities that cannot be enjoyed virtually, such as crafting, baking, or group exercise classes.

The main downside to in-person groups is it may be harder for women to attend depending on their location, schedule, and where they are at in their breast cancer treatment. Virtual support groups are the only option for some women because of their circumstances, which is entirely okay.


The Benefits of Joining a Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma

Being a part of a community during and after breast cancer treatment can have significant benefits to women and their families, including:

  • Developing deep and lasting friendships
  • More educational opportunities to learn about breast cancer
  • Experiencing fun, new activities
  • Support for emotional, physical, and spiritual health


Join Our Community at Project31

If you are ready to find your community no matter where you are in your journey with breast cancer, join us at Project31. We are an organization founded by survivors dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of women that have been impacted by breast cancer. We offer online and in-person support groups, allowing you to find a community regardless of circumstances. To learn more about our organization or join a breast cancer support group, please get in touch with us.